Renovation Of Home Not To Be Taken Lightly

You notice how some folks listen with half an ear. When one single-minded person starts talking about renovating her home with great enthusiasm, all they hear is a whole lot of blah-blah-blah. How boring. What could be more exciting than watching the ballgame? What could be more exciting than heading off to the mall? Until one day they finally wakeup. And then they see what her place looks like.

Oh! It looks fabulous! And needless to say, after her proud hubby has invited the boys around for a fireside chat around the beautifully appointed barbecue space, the ladies watching her prepare the green salad with generous dashes of extra virgin olive oil are green with envy. If one of them had to present her with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the occasion, it would probably be poison ivy. Hubby filled them in on how the home renovation binghamton project went down.

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How it all started. And how it ended. It started on a whim, and yes, you are quite right; she could not stop talking. Until the day he relented and gave them a call. It really ended with a flourish. And not a speck of debris left lying about; you swear they were never there. Much later that night, the boys had to hear it from ‘them’. It was all blah-blah-blah to them. But it was quite painful indeed. More like nag-nag-nag this time around.

Why can’t we have a place like that? And. How could they afford such luxury? Because this they were not letting on. Proud hubby and beautiful wife were not about to let them in on their big little secret. And the bank? Well, it hasn’t been broken. Not yet anyhow.